Monday, March 27, 2006

Extra credit opportunity: Record Todd Colby's "Cake"

This opportunity entails you recording a cover version of a poem by Todd Colby. You might recall he recorded a version of William Blake's "Ah! Sunflower" for our class in January.

Go to the following website and follow all the directions.

Basically, people are doing the same thing we're doing in class--recording their own readings of someone's poem. Some are taking liberties--there's a death metal version that's pretty terrific.

Record the poem on our own Class Blog and use your audioblog's post specific web address to tell the radio station you have done it.

What I mean by specific post address?
It's the difference between the following.
Kristyn audioblogged Susan Brennan's "Afternoon Bomb." Here is the specific post address, otherwise known as the "permanent link."

How did I get this? I got this by clickling on the time and date at the bottom of the post. See this picture. When you find your audioblog post--I'll put the title on it, don't worry about that--use that address and send it along to the WFMU DJ from the webstite. This is fun, eh?

Any questions, email me.