Thursday, April 13, 2006

Banana Hammock Handwasher

Tip Toast hard nut crack. Black

Iguana Moon & the Banana Hammocks Ben Harper Meat Puppets

Tupac, Chopin, Princess Consuela Banana

Hammock Fast Eddie; Costa Rica- tail monkey's

presence Rapid Request Relaxin' Camarillo Monkey Banana

Request this song ...The Social Music

Revolution and Miles Davis

Lying in Joller's hammock stifling

Dear Catstrophe nutjob Melt-Banana

Craigslist leather is sticking mightily

to my banana hammock and chafing my

died of a massive coronary. ...

Steve's Zone of Love...

I rubbed my hand against Charlie's face on the jukebox. ...

Jazz At Massey Hall Similar Bobby Woodlen --

Trumpet; OnlineElephantman -- April In Paris

--the class Flarf poem