Friday, January 26, 2007

Assignments for Thursday, February 1.

Hello Class:

Here's what I will need you to do for next class.

1. Audioblog two -- that's right, two -- poems to the Class Blog by next Wednesday night at 9pm. The poems you have to choose from will appear in the "Handouts, Worksheets, etc." section of the Class Blackboard site.

2. Bring in a copy of your Praise Poem to the next class, and be prepared to read it aloud in class.

3. Also: be prepared to present your thoughts on what decisions regarding your performance of the Praise Poem. This includes performance decisions you made before, during, and after your reading, as well as some sort of self-critique of your own reading. This is the kind of presentation I imagine would take place instead of a paper, and so I will expect you to come prepared to discuss this in full, to lead a discussion about your performance, and field questions. I will be grading you on this.

4. Bring a pad of paper and pen. We are going to write. A lot.

See you next week. And yes, if you're wondering, we will be screening more freaky poem reading clips!